Covid Response

We as Board Members and staff at the Board of Elections are aware of the uncertainties and questions that our voters may have due to the corona virus and the effects that it may have on conducting elections in North Carolina. First of all we want you to know that it is our main objective that you be able to vote in the manner that you are accustomed and with the utmost confidence in our office and its processes. Our staff has participated in weekly meetings lead by our State Director Karen Brinson Bell, in which we have learned how best to protect you during these everchanging times. We want you to know that we are here to answer any questions you may have and to assure you that we have your best interests at heart as we move in to this extremely busy election season. 

Like you we have heard many things in the communities concerning the upcoming November Election and we would like to take some time to give you the correct information:

First of all we want you to know that all of our sixteen precincts will be open on November 3 (Election Day) for in-person voting. Our office will also be open for in-person early voting beginning October 15. The individual dates and times are listed on the previous page and will be posted in the Cherokee Scout at a later date. It is the right of every registered voter to be able to cast their vote in person. With that being said we know that many of you may not feel comfortable with the crowds that may be at the polls on lection Day and the crowd that we may have for early voting. If that is the case then we welcome you to request an absentee ballot that we will mail directly to you. If you would like to request an absentee ballot you can come by our office and fill out a request in person, you can call our office (837-6670) and we will mail one to you or you can print it directly from our website Absentee Request Form and mail it to us at 40 Peachtree Street Murphy NC, 28906. 

For those of you that prefer to cast your vote on Election Day or in-person during early voting we would like you to know that we welcome you and look forward to seeing you. For your safety and ours we are taking many steps to prevent the possibility of a covid exposure among our staff and among anyone coming and going from our office. Therefore, we do ask that if you feel sick or have any symptoms relating to the corona virus that you please wait until you are well to visit out office. For those that have no symptoms and have not been recently exposed to the corona virus here is what you can expect when you come to vote. 

#1. Due to social distancing guidelines mandated from the state we will have markings 6 feet apart on the floor and directional arrows for entering and exiting the building. Due to this it is possible that the line for voting will be not only inside the building but outside as well. Hopefully the weather will cooperate during this time but please have an umbrella and jacket if needed. 

#2. You will be met at the precinct by our greeter who will be wearing a mask and gloves. He/she will offer you a mask if you need or want one and hand sanitizer which you are encouraged to use. He/she will also give you a pen that only you will use and can take with you as you leave as well as a Q-tip which you will use to make your choices on the Express Vote machine. 

#3. When you reach the check in table you will notice that the staff will be wearing masks and will be behind a plexi-glass shield. You will use the pen you were given to sign your Authorization to Vote Form and then you will be taken back to a machine to cast your vote. Please know that all machines will be sanitized between voters as another form of protection for you and our staff. 

#4. Once you have made your selections on the screen you will print the card and review all of your choices before inserting it in to the tabulator located beside the exit door. 

#5. You will then follow the directional arrows to the exit while maintaining as much distance between you and other voters as possible. 

Please notice that we have done the best we can to keep you from having to touch anything inside the voting precinct. Also we will be continually sanitizing all areas throughout the day. Once again our job is to make sure you feel comfortable coming to vote and know that we have done what we can to keep you safe. 

Just a couple of reminders:

*The last day to register to vote for the November 3 Election is October 9

*The last day to request an absentee ballot is October 27 at 5:00 pm

If you have any questions concerning registering to vote, absentee voting or any other questions concerning elections please see our website at or call our office at 828-837-6670