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Send Money to Inmates Fast and Easy

Use a credit/debit card to send money to an Inmate's Trust Fund Account online at or over the phone at 1 (800) 574-5729. The Inmate's account will be credited within 24 hours, not including weekends and banking holidays.

Inmate Trust Account

  1. When an inmate is incarcerated and dressed out, all money, checks, money orders, etc. are to be turned in to the inmate finance personnel. Any check or money taken from the inmate that does not meet the proper criteria for deposit will be held and given to the inmate at his release. A receipt of all transactions will be given to the inmate at the time finance takes possession for safe keeping and control. Any money withheld by an inmate at dress-out or money/checks, etc. found in the possession of an inmate from this point on is considered contraband. This money or check is turned over to inmate finance with an incident report describing the episode. This money will be entered in the inmate's account, but will not be eligible for release to any outside friends or family. If money is found by an inmate on county property, it should be forwarded to inmate finance with an incident report and will be forwarded to business management for proper distribution.
  2. Only payroll checks on his/her person at incarceration will be considered for deposit. If an inmate requests that finance deposit his/her payroll check, there will be a (10) ten business day hold on all payroll checks approved for deposit.
  3. ONLY money orders or cashiers' checks are accepted by mail for deposit to any inmate's account with the exception of checks received from another prison or jail when an inmate is transferred. All money orders or cashiers' checks must be mailed to the following address. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED. IT WILL BE RETURNED.

    MURPHY, NC 28906
    • The money order/cashiers' check must be made payable to the inmate's name as incarcerated.
    • His/her date of birth and Positive Identification Number (PID) must be written on the money order or cashiers' check. THIS INFORMATION MUST BE THE SAME AS IT APPEARS ON THE INMATE'S BRACELET.
    • The purchaser's name and address in full must be written on the money order or cashier's check and written as a return address on the envelope. The envelope must be addressed to the inmate's name as incarcerated to be accepted and processed.
    • All money orders and cashiers' checks are deposited without endorsement of the inmate.
    • It is the responsibility of the inmate to give proper procedure information to family and friends they so desire.
    • If these procedures are not followed, money orders and cashiers' checks are returned at the inmate's expense.
    • No personal mail is accepted at the above address. It will be returned to sender at the inmate's expense.
  4. All money orders or cashier's checks received are posted and deposited with receipts forwarded to the inmates displaying the sender's name, Monday through Friday.
  5. No information concerning an inmate's account is given to anyone on the telephone or in person at the jail facility except verification with bondsmen. Amounts are not given to bondsmen, only verification to guarantee the bond amount.
  6. Sheriff's personnel are NOT allowed to call the inmate trust department (inmate finance) for any inmate inquiring on his/her account.
  7. No inmate will be refused medical services if he/she is indigent. However, medical charges received for all inmates from the medical department will be deducted from their accounts. Inmate's can have an owed balance when released which is collectible upon any future incarcerations in the Cherokee County Jail. Outstanding balances can be paid (total or installments) at any time to the inmate trust account department (inmate finance). Federal and Immigration inmates have a 30 day notice given to them when incarcerated that eliminates medical charges for the first 30 days of incarceration.
  8. Notary services needed by an inmate should be requested through Inmate Programs. There is a $3.00 charge for those inmates with money in their account for each paper notarized.
  9. All under clothing must be purchased by the inmate through the commissary vendor. No sock, shoes, t-shirts or under garments will be accepted from any outside source.
  10. An inmate is allowed to spend an unlimited amount a week through the commissary vendor.
  11. Indigent items may be purchased by any inmate that meets the qualifications and definition as being indigent. That definition is "ANY INMATE WHO DOES NOT HAVE A BALANCE IN HIS/HER ACCOUNT IN A TEN DAY PERIOD." A hygiene kit (indigent kit) containing a comb, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant) and/or a stationary kit containing two stamped envelopes, 2 sheets of paper and a pen may be purchased weekly. The inmate's account is charged and he/she will carry an outstanding balance. This outstanding balance can be paid after the inmate's release in full or in several payments for their convenience. Any owed balance will be collected with each incarceration when an inmate returns with money.
  12. All inmates will be escorted to the inmate release area at the jail to receive any balance, and close his/her account. The inmate will receive a check.
  13. The main office for the Finance –Inmate Trust Account Department is located at 577 Regal Street Murphy, N.C. 28906. Money releases for inmates will be handled at the main office only, Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Only one (1) money release is allowed by an inmate during his/her entire incarceration. Only money and/or checks an inmate has properly relinquished at booking are permitted for release. No money received from a shakedown (contraband) will be allowed for release. The money release form must be submitted by the inmate and brought to the finance office at the jail by the person the money release is payable to. It must be received in inmate finance on the actual date written on the form. It must, also, be picked up at the facility in which the inmate is housed. All money releases are verified by finance.
  14. An inmate moved to an Administrative Detention Unit that has purchased a commissary order prior to his/her restriction, will receive that order, to include all food items. However, any inmate placed on Disciplinary Detention to serve time in that unit will only be allowed to order hygiene and stationary items until his/her sentence is complete.
  15. Released inmates, with exception to those transferred to another facility, who have placed a commissary order, but not received it prior to his/her release will have seven (7) days to pick up their order. If the order is not picked up within the seven (7) of normal delivery, the order will be donated to a non-profit organization chosen by The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. No credit will be given to inmates released except those being transferred to another facility.
  16. Copies needed by inmates should be requested through the Administrator. Charges are $0.50 per copy. If the inmate has money in his account, it will be submitted by the Officer to inmate finance. A receipt will be forwarded for these charges. Indigent inmates cannot receive copies.


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