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Child Protective Services

Investigation of reports of abuse, neglect, and/or dependency of children ages birth until age 18. Investigations of abuse are initiated within 24 hours of report, neglect within 72 hours, and dependency as soon as possible. Case decisions are made in group staffing within 30 days of the report whenever possible. Treatment services are provided to families when neglect or abuse is substantiated to alleviate the problems, if possible.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Foster Care Services and Permanency Planning Services

Services to families whose children must be removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, and/or dependency. Including placement services, providing the children with a temporary, safe environment, and arranging services to alleviate the abuse or neglect in order to reunify the family.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Adoption Services

Adoption home studies for families wanting to adopt a child(ren). Assistance to these families with assuring the child is legally cleared for placement and/or adoption. Adjustment services to families after the initial placement until the adoption is finalized.

Also, placement of foster children cleared for adoption in prospective adoptive homes. Consultation to assist the adoptive homes with adjustment issues to ensure a successful placement.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Day Care Services

Providing information regarding day care resources in Cherokee County to families and coordinating services for children with the Day Care Center Directors. Determining families' eligibility for subsidized day care assistance.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Workfirst Employment Services

Provides services to TANF recipients to assist them with locating employment, maintaining employment, and gaining the basic skills needed for employment. The goal is to quickly move TANF recipients from welfare to work.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Food Stamp Program

Financial assistance to purchase food for eligible low-income families. Staff determines eligibility for food coupons based on federal policies.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, previously AFDC Program)

Monetary assistance given to eligible low income families with children to assist them with providing the children with shelter, clothing, and basic living needs. Staff determines the eligibility for benefits while assisting the adults with locating employment as soon as possible.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

Medicaid to Families and Children

Assistance with obtaining and affording medical services. Staff determine eligibility for the Medicaid program based on income eligibility consistent with state policies and requirements.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

Medicaid Transportation Services

Mandated assistance to Medicaid recipients for transportation to medical appointments, mental health services, and dental appointments.

Service provided by the Services Unit, which determines eligibility. The agency contracts with the Cherokee County Transit System to provide the service.

North Carolina Health Choice for Children

This is not a Medicaid program, but it is health insurance benefits for uninsured children under age 19 in families with an income below 200% of poverty that are not eligible for the Medicaid program. The staff determines eligibility for this program.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

Crisis Program

Assistance for a heating or cooling related emergency situation to eligible families or adults, such as assistance to low income individuals or families with purchasing wood, electricity, oil, or gas for heating during freezing weather.

Service provided by the Services Unit.

Carolina Access

Coordination of Medicaid recipients and Medicaid providers to ensure services are available to meet the needs of both the recipient and the provider. These services help with reducing inappropriate medical costs such as but not limited to excessive emergency room visits.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

Program Integrity or Fraud Investigation

Investigator receives and investigates reports of families or individuals receiving welfare assistance fraudulently. Pursues recoupment of benefits given inappropriately to clients by repayment, legal actions, or any other legal means necessary.

Service provided by the Income Maintenance Unit.

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