Fair Housing Complaint Procedure

Filing a Complaint

  1. Describe recipient's method of receiving and resolving housing discrimination complaints. This may be either a procedure currently being implemented or one to be implemented under this CDBG grant. Include a description of how the recipient informs the public about the complaint procedures. (Use additional pages as necessary)
  2.  Any person or persons wishing to file a complaint of housing discrimination in the County may do so by informing the county manager of the facts and circumstance of the alleged discriminatory acts or practice.
  3. Upon receiving a housing discrimination complaint, the county manager shall acknowledge the complaint within 10 days in writing and inform the Division of Community Assistance and the North Carolina Human Relations Commission about the complaint.
  4. The county manager shall offer assistance to the Commission in the investigation and reconciliation of all housing discrimination complaints which are based on events occurring in the county.
  5. The county manager shall publicize in the local newspaper, with the ID Number, who is the local agency to contact with housing discrimination complaints.

Approved By:
David Wood
Chief Elected Executive Officer