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Medicare Summary Notice Workshop - Learning How to Read Your Medicare Summary Notice

Did you know that one of the worst forms of Medicare graft, error and fraud is on Medicare Summary Notices? That is why it is so important to understand how to read them. The Senior Medicare Patrol in North Carolina Department of Insurance has already saved a huge amount of monies by catching the graft, error and fraud on the Summary Notices.

Medicare has made an easier-to-read form for billings services rendered. The upcoming workshop is on March 28, at 10:30 AM at the Murphy Senior Center. There is no charge for any of the Medicare Workshops and the general public is invited, especially Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.

Be watching Cherokee County Website, Andrews Journal, Cherokee Scout and WKRK and TV Cable Station 25 for further workshops on Medicare issues.

Peer Socialization

Being with other people helps to combat loneliness and depression.

About the Senior Center

Since it’s founding in 1980, Penland Senior Center has been providing meals, services, activities and opportunities to citizens 60 years and over. It is publicly and privately funded and operates for all the senior adult community, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or disability.

What Is The Importance Of Our Senior Sites In Cherokee County?


  • Stimulates social interaction, creative endeavors, and life-long learning
  • Encourages independence and pursuit of personal interests
  • Recognizes the importance of productive aging
  • Validates life experiences and value to others
  • Invites participation, involvement, and volunteerism
  • Celebrates life experiences and value to others
  • Enhances physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being