1. Promoting Well-Being
  2. Congregate Activities
  3. Congregate Nutrition
  4. Home Delivered Meals

The Senior sites are committed to operating in accordance with the National Institute of Senior Center Standards. The Cherokee County Senior Sites offer the following programs.

  • Agency Referrals
  • Congregate Activities
  • Congregate Nutrition
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Home Improvement Assistance
  • Peer Socialization
  • Senior Education on various topics
  • Transportation

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  1. Home Improvement Assistance
  2. Transportation
  3. Agency Referrals

Cherokee County offers this service to senior citizens who are low-income and cannot afford to have the repairs done. These services include:

  • Building ramps
  • Heating or water problems
  • Repairing steps and porches
  • Replacing old appliances