Explorer Program

Law Enforcement Exploring is a Boy Scouts of America program that provides high school students an opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement. This work-based program is part of the Learning for Life's Career Education program and focuses on building life skills and gaining leadership experience. The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 422 was officially established in 2009 and is currently providing Explorers with skills in:

  • 911 Dispatch
  • Detention
  • Gang Awareness
  • Investigation
  • Legal Processes
  • Patrol
  • Search and Rescue
  • SERT training
  • Victim Services

The Explorers play an integral part in program development by designing guidelines, bylaws and entry requirements. Monthly meetings focus on core program requirements, training exercises, and committee products. Membership is open for recruitment each October and can be pursued by filling out the Explorer Application and turning all needed documentation into an Explorer or your high school Guidance Counselor by October 31st.

Post 422 honors the late Jody Rey, a Sheriff's Office Investigator, for her years of service to the citizens of Cherokee County.

Agency Advisors

  • Charter Representative: Sheriff Keith Lovin
  • Post Advisor: Melissa Mariano
  • Committee Chairman: Lt. Keith Watkins
  • Committee Member: Brandi C. Watkins

2012 Explorer Officers

  • Captain (open)
  • Lieutenant (open)
  • Sergeant (open)
  • Corporal (open)

Pictured - 2010: Front from left to right: Front row: Susan Maxey - Advisor, Brandi Watkins - Advisor, Danielle Bryer - Captain Back row: Keith Watkins - Advisor, Austin Bevins, Cameron Killian, Kyle McClure, Preston Singleton - Lieutenant Not pictured: Tyler Lambert, Sabrina Vaughn

Explorer Staff

Other Information

For those young adults who are interested in a career in law enforcement, there are several scholarship programs available to qualified applicants - sponsored by Learning for Life and available through their website.

Accident insurance for Explorer activities is provided through the Learning for Life, Boy Scouts of America and this cost is paid with the required $11.20 annual fee, payable to Daniel Boone Council from each Explorer.

Although Post Number 422 is sponsored by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, their activities are not funded by the Sheriff’s Office. We strive to teach young people responsibility by having them ear the funds necessary to support their activities through fundraising events. The amount of expenses that Post Number 422 will sponsor varies according to participation and funds available in our treasury.

It is the responsibility of each Explorer to pay for their own uniform and should go through their Post Advisor to order the necessary pieces and remain in compliance with the uniform standards.