Contractors License Required

When the General Statutes require that general construction, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, or gas work be performed by an appropriately licensed contractor, no permit for such work shall be issued to an unlicensed person or firm. The links associated with the appropriate contractors licensing boards for the State of North Carolina are available. A visit to the appropriate site before hiring a contractor is recommended.

These General Statutes do not apply to any person or firm or corporation who constructs or alters a building on land owned by that person, firm or corporation provided such building is intended solely for occupancy by that person and his family, firm, or corporation after completion; and provided further that, if such building is not occupied solely by such person and his family, firm or corporation for at least 12 months following completion, it shall be presumed that the person, firm or corporation did not intend such building solely for occupancy by that person and his family, firm or corporation.

Temporary Toilet Facilities

Suitable toilet facilities shall be provided and maintained in a sanitary condition during construction. An adequate number of facilities must be provided for the number of employees at the construction site according to the following:

  • Employee count less than 20 - one toilet
  • Employee count 20 to 200 - one toilet and one urinal per 40 workers
  • Employee county more than 200 - one toilet and urinal per 50 workers