Information Required to Apply for a Commercial Building Permit

Plans for all commercial structures or projects must be submitted to this department and approved by this department prior to making application. To apply for a commercial building permit: the following documents are required.

  • Copy of written approval by the Cherokee County Department of Environmental Health for a septic & well system, and/or copy of written approval from town or service district to connect to a water and sewer system
  • If it applies, copy of written zoning approval from the required official/district
  • One full set of plans, may require design professional seal
  • Completed copy of current 2018 Building Code Summary
  • A Notice of Lien Agent is required for all Commercial projects over $30,000. Go to the Liens NC website for information and to register to obtain the form
  • A 911 address is required before issuance of a permit for Commercial building construction

Be prepared to give detailed driving directions to the project from Downtown Murphy.

Property Near Water

If the property is located near any rivers, lakes, streams, or creeks, contact this department prior to permit application. Floodplain and/or Watershed Ordinance regulations may apply.

New Project with Distribution

If this is a new project, and 1 acre or more will be disturbed, written approval from NCDENR shall be required prior to permit applications.