Adult Social Services

Adult Protective Services

Assistance for disabled adults that are incapacitated to the point that they are unable to take care of themselves and have no one else able or willing to assist in caring for them. These adults may be abused or neglected by a caretaker, they may be self-neglectful or they may be exploited by someone financially or physically. Reports may be made by phone or in person. The reports that meet the statutory requirements for an investigation are accepted and abuse reports are investigated within 24 hours, neglect and exploitation reports are investigated within 72 hours. If abuse, neglect, or exploitation is found, then services are provided in accordance with the General Statutes. Other referrals for services are made to assist the adult and their family as determined appropriate during the intervention .

Guardianship Services

An adult that is found by the courts to be legally incompetent and has no other family members or friends to be responsible for their care may become the ward of the Director for the Department of Social Services. As guardian, the Department provides for the adult's needs and makes decisions about his care and treatment services. Annual reports about the ward's care and fiscal accounting of all assets are made to the clerk of court. The Department, also, provides information to family members and caregivers of disabled adults on the process of applying to be a guardian upon request and when appropriate.

Representative Payee Services

A disabled adult who receives Social Security benefits and has been determined unable to manage his or her funds may be required to have a "representative payee." If the adult has no other relative or close friend to assist then the Department of Social Services is designated as the "representative payee" for those benefits. In these cases, the Department pays the adults monthly expenses and assists them with their financial purchases in an effort to help the disabled adult remain as independent as possible.

In-Home Aide Services

Level one assistance for disabled adults and families with basic daily living activities such as house cleaning, preparation of meals, shopping, transportation, etc. in an effort to help the recipient remain safely in their home and continue to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Medicaid Transportation Services

Transportation to medical and/or health appointments for Medicaid recipients that do not have transportation or access to it.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a Medicaid recipient and be determined eligible for transportation by completing an assessment given by a social worker.