Inmate Finance

Send Money to Inmates Fast & Easy

Use a credit/debit card to send money to an Inmate's Trust Fund Account online or over the phone at 800-574-5729. The Inmate's account will be credited within 24 hours, not including weekends and banking holidays.

Send Money Orders or Cashier Checks to an Inmate

  • Money orders or cashier checks are accepted through mail only and should be made payable to the name given when the inmate was placed in jail.
  • The inmate's date of birth must be written on the face of the money order/cashier's check. If the inmate expects to receive money, it is their responsibility to give this information to his/her family and friends.
  • The sender's name and address should be written on the face of the money order/cashier's check. Be sure to write the sender's return address on the envelope. Address the envelope to the inmate's name, spelled as he/she is incarcerated to:
    577 Regal Street
    Murphy, NC 28906

Inquire About a Suspected Lost Money Order/Cashier's Check

If you suspect a money order/cashier's check has not been received or credited to an inmate's account, you must submit, in writing, your inquiry to:
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office
Administrator Joe Morris
577 Regal Street
Murphy, NC 28906

Information Needed

You must include the inmate's name, as given when incarcerated, account number and date of birth. You should also include the sender's name, address and phone number (if you wish to be contacted). The money order receipt number or cashier's check number must be included for verification. No phone inquiries will be accepted.

Additional Information

  • Inmates incarcerated in the Cherokee County Jail are assigned an account number that will always remain the same.
  • No information concerning an inmate's account is given to anyone except the inmate.
  • All personal and commissary items are purchased by inmates through an automated system.
  • Medical services are available and provided. These services are chargeable fees and should be paid for by all inmates. However, no medical service is denied due to inability to pay.
  • Money orders received after an inmate's release will be returned to sender.
  • Transferred inmates are encouraged to leave a forwarding address or mail their forwarding address after they have been transferred.
  • Those inmates released and not transferred to another facility, have seven (7) days to pick up any undelivered commissary order due them. Otherwise, the order is donated to a non-profit organization.
  • A money release is allowed Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. only. The money release form must be filled out by the inmate releasing monies. The money release form must be completed and turned into the shift Supervisor at the Detention Center. The person to receive the money must present a valid ID to the officer on duty. Only checks are issued for a money release.

If you need information not listed please call 828-837-2521 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.