911 Addressing

E911 Address System

The Cherokee County 911 Addressing department is responsible for building and maintaining accurate E911 Address and Road Centerline data. Originally E911 addressing systems were implemented nationwide; specifically, for 911 services and emergency response.

Today an E911 address or physical address is used for much more. It is important that you use a correct 911 address, because an incorrect 911 address will not be verifiable. This means utility companies and service providers will not recognize your address, and delivery services may not be able to find you.

What Residents Can Do

Although there is much more to dispatching a 911 call than determining the physical location of a 911 call or caller; a 911 address is the backbone of the location process for 911 services. A correct and accurate 911 address enables the landline callers location to be pinpointed even if the caller cannot speak. An incorrect 911 address may cause a complete breakdown of the location process for a landline caller.

The most important thing you as a resident of Cherokee County can do to ensure that you can be found, is post your correct 911 address. Post your number on your house and if your house is not visible from the road post your number at the beginning of your driveway.

If you have any questions, if you need to update your address information, or if you would like to verify your 911 address feel free to contact us. If you know of a road name sign that is missing please let us know.


A list of departmental responsibilities include:

  • Assigning new addresses both residential and commercial, using NENA (National Emergency Number Association) standards as our addressing system.
  • Mapping of both new and existing Addresses and Road Center lines using either or both a GPS unit and GIS
  • Maintaining MSAG (master street address guide) for wire line telephone service providers.
  • Verification of 911 addresses for telephone service providers, utility companies, other departments, other agencies, US Post Office, UPS, Fed Ex, Mortgage companies, Lending and Banking companies, Insurance companies, etc.
  • Building and installing all road name signs in Cherokee County, except for the Town of Murphy and the Town of Andrews; along with repair and replacement of existing road name signs.